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Individual differences in searching and reading Chinese text on web pages 会议论文
, Stockholm, 2000
Authors:  Y. M. Xuan;  X. L. Fu
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A study of influential factors on Chinese layoffs' reemployment 会议论文
, Stockholm, 2000
Authors:  K. Shi;  X. X. Li;  Z. L. Song;  H. H. Zhang;  L. F. Zhong
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To what extent/why do the Chinese and German children differ in memory and metamemory development? 会议论文
, Stockholm, 2000
Authors:  G. Zheng
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The effects of synonym on interhemispheric interaction during homophone matching 会议论文
, Stockholm, 2000
Authors:  H. He;  W. T. Zhang
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The relationship of duration and contrastive accent in Chinese sentences 会议论文
, Stockholm, 2000
Authors:  Y. Yang;  X. Zhong
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The core quality of life questionnaire: psychometric properties in Chinese with cancer 会议论文
, Stockholm, 2000
Authors:  J. P. Wang;  Z. G. Cheng;  J. N. Cui;  W. J. Lin;  J. Luo;  Y. Sun
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Statistic parameter mappings of event-related potentials revealed the processing of Chinese characters 会议论文
, Stockholm, 2000
Authors:  C. M. Wang;  D. L. Peng;  J. H. Wei
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Research on the structure model of Chinese employee's organizational commitment 会议论文
, Stockholm, 2000
Authors:  W. Ling;  J. Gao;  Z. Zhang
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Sensation seeking traits of Chinese students and its changes 会议论文
, Stockholm, 2000
Authors:  Y. Q. Zhang
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An experimental study on chord keyboard with Chinese Pinyin code based on the S-R compatibility 会议论文
, Stockholm, 2000
Authors:  K. Zhang;  X. H. Sun;  B. Yang
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