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Knowledge description frame of learning resources for recommendation system: From the perspectives of learning psychology 会议论文
第15届国际计算机科学与教育会议,ICCSE 2020, Delft, Netherlands, Netherlands, 2020年8月18日-2020年8月20日
Authors:  Qiu, Wen;  Du, Jing;  Li, Fei
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Depressive Emotion Recognition Based on Behavioral Data 会议论文
HCC 2018, 墨西哥, 2018.12
Authors:  Yue Su;  Huijia Zheng;  Liu XQ(刘晓倩);  Tingshao Zhu
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Diseases  Learning systems  Models  Social networking  
Depression Identification from Gait Spectrum Features Based on Hilbert-Huang Transform 会议论文
Human Centered Computing - 4th International Conference, HCC 2018, Revised Selected Papers, Merida, Mexico, December 5, 2018 - December 7, 2018
Authors:  Yuan, YaHui;  Li, Baobin;  Wang, Ning;  Ye, Qing;  Liu, Yan;  Zhu, Tingshao
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Classification models - Depression - Frequency domains - Frequency features - Gait - Hilbert Huang transforms - Kinect - Verification method  
Visualization Analysis for Big Data in Computational CyberPsychology 会议论文
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA, NOV 27-29, 2014
Authors:  Li, BB (Li, Baobin);  Zhu, TS (Zhu, Tingshao)
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Computational Cyberpsychology  Visualization Analysis  Parallel Coordinates