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Distinct structural neural patterns of trait physical and social anhedonia: Evidence from cortical thickness, subcortical volumes and inter-regional correlations 期刊论文
PSYCHIATRY RESEARCH-NEUROIMAGING, 2014, 卷号: 224, 期号: 3, 页码: 184-191
Authors:  Wang, Yi;  Deng, Yi;  Fung, Germaine;  Liu, Wen-hua;  Wei, Xin-hua;  Jiang, Xin-qing;  Lui, Simon S. Y.;  Cheung, Eric F. C.;  Chan, Raymond C. K.
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Anhedonia  Pallidum  Social Interaction  Superior Frontal Gyrus  Inferior Parietal Gyrus  
The 4th Schizophrenia International Research Society Conference, 5-9 April 2014, Florence, Italy: A summary of topics and trends 期刊论文
SCHIZOPHRENIA RESEARCH, 2014, 卷号: 159, 期号: 2-3, 页码: E1-E22
Authors:  Abayomi, Olukayode;  Amato, Davide;  Bailey, Candace;  Bitanihirwe, Byron;  Bowen, Lynneice;  Burshtein, Shimon;  Cullen, Alexis;  Fuste, Montserrat;  Herrmann, Ana P.;  Khodaie, Babak;  Kilian, Sanja;  Lang, Qortni A.;  Manning, Elizabeth E.;  Massuda, Raffael;  Nurjono, Milawaty;  Sadiq, Sarosh;  Sanchez-Gutierrez, Teresa;  Sheinbaum, Tamara;  Shivakumar, Venkataram;  Simon, Nicholas;  Spiteri-Staines, Anneliese;  Sirijit, Suttajit;  Toftdahl, Nanna Gilliam;  Wadehra, Sunali;  Wang, Yi;  Wigton, Rebekah;  Wright, Susan;  Yagoda, Sergey;  Zaytseva, Yuliya;  O'Shea, Anne;  DeLisi, Lynn E.
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Schizophrenia  Genetics  Gene-environment Interaction  Brain Imaging  Treatment  Meeting Report  Conference  
Effects of aspirin on immobile behavior and endocrine and immune changes in the forced swimming test: Comparison to fluoxetine and imipramine 期刊论文
PHARMACOLOGY BIOCHEMISTRY AND BEHAVIOR, 2014, 卷号: 124, 期号: 0, 页码: 361-366
Authors:  Guan, Xi-ting;  Shao, Feng;  Xie, Xi;  Chen, Lin;  Wang, Weiwen
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Aspirin  Antidepressant  Forced Swimming Test  Corticosterone  Il-6  Tnf-alpha  
Integration of animal behaviors under stresses with different time courses 期刊论文
NEURAL REGENERATION RESEARCH, 2014, 卷号: 9, 期号: 15, 页码: 1464-1473
Authors:  Zheng, Lun;  Zheng, Xigeng
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Nerve Regeneration  Brain Injury  Depression  Stress Resistance  Susceptible To Depression  Chronic Unpredictable Stress  Forced Swim  Dopamine  Nucleus Accumbens  Nsfc Grant  Neural Regeneration  
Juvenile stress affects anxiety-like behavior and limbic monoamines in adult rats 期刊论文
PHYSIOLOGY & BEHAVIOR, 2014, 卷号: 135, 期号: 0, 页码: 7-16
Authors:  Luo, Xiao-Min;  Yuan, San-Na;  Guan, Xi-Ting;  Xie, Xi;  Shao, Feng;  Wang, Wei-Wen
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Juvenile  Chronic Variable Stress  Depression  Anxiety  Limbic Areas  Monoamine  
Anhedonia and Pain Avoidance in the Suicidal Mind: Behavioral Evidence for Motivational Manifestations of Suicidal Ideation in Patients With Major Depressive Disorder 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY, 2014, 卷号: 70, 期号: 7, 页码: 681-692
Authors:  Xie, Weizhen;  Li, Huanhuan;  Luo, Xinwei;  Fu, Rong;  Ying, Xiangyu;  Wang, Ning;  Yin, Qifeng;  Zou, Yingmin;  Cui, Yanyan;  Wang, Xiang;  Shi, Chuan
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Suicide  Suicidal Ideation  Psychological Pain  Anhedonia  Pain Avoidance  
The effect and mechanisms of implementation intentions on prospective memory in individuals with and without schizotypal personality features 期刊论文
MEMORY, 2014, 卷号: 22, 期号: 4, 页码: 349-359
Authors:  Chen, Xing-jie;  Wang, Ya;  Liu, Lu-lu;  Shi, Hai-song;  Wang, Jing;  Cui, Ji-fang;  Shum, David H. K.;  Chan, Raymond C. K.
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Individuals with psychometric schizotypy show similar social but not physical anhedonia to patients with schizophrenia 期刊论文
PSYCHIATRY RESEARCH, 2014, 卷号: 216, 期号: 2, 页码: 161-167
Authors:  Wang, Yi;  Lui, Simon S. Y.;  Zou, Lai-quan;  Zhang, Qi;  Zhao, Qing;  Yan, Chao;  Hong, Xiao-hong;  Tan, Shu-ping;  Cheung, Eric F. C.;  Chan, Raymond C. K.
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Schizophrenia spectrum  Schizotypy  Anhedonia  Symptom  
rTMS 治疗精神分裂症阴性症状和认知缺陷研究 学位论文
, 北京: 中国科学院研究生院, 2014
Authors:  石川
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精神分裂症  重复经颅磁刺激  阴性症状  认知缺陷  元分析  
肠道共生菌对宿主身心健康的影响及机制研究 学位论文
, 北京: 中国科学院研究生院, 2014
Authors:  罗佳
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肠道共生菌群  肠–脑轴  焦虑  抑郁  认知  鞭毛蛋白  Toll 样受体