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Resilience development and influences on wellbeing of migrant and left behind children 会议论文
不详, 不详, 不详
Authors:  Yao, F (Yao Fu);  Zhu, ML (Zhu Mingling);  Liu, Q (Liu Qian);  He, YF (He Yunfeng);  Zhang, X (Zhang Xing);  Shi, JN (Shi Jiannong)
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Role of family environment in the development and expression of high creative potential in Chinese low SES children 会议论文
不详, 不详, 不详
Authors:  Cheng, L (Cheng, Li);  Zhu, MJ (Zhu, Mingjing);  Dai, HC (Dai, Hongci);  Liu, ZK (Liu, Zhengkui)
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The Fluency and Distinctiveness Heuristics A Study based on Recognition Paradigm 会议论文
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Authors:  Wang, YT (Wang, Yating);  Guo, BD (Guo, Boda);  Wang, Y (Wang, Yong)
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How Proactive Personality Influences Daily Fluctuations of Emotional Exhaustion a diary approach 会议论文
不详, 不详, 不详
Authors:  Wang, GX (Wang, Guangxi)
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