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Research on Dynamic and Static Fusion Polymorphic Gesture Recognition Algorithm for Interactive Teaching Interface 会议论文
Cognitive Systems and Signal Processing - 4th International Conference, ICCSIP 2018, Revised Selected Papers, Beijing, China, November 29, 2018 - December 1, 2018
Authors:  Feng, Zhiquan;  Xu, Tao;  Yang, Xiaohui;  Tian, Jinglan;  Yi, Jiangyan;  Zhao, Ke
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Application effect - Gesture recognition algorithm - People identification - Recognition accuracy - Reduction algorithms - Teaching equipments - Teaching interfaces - Training data sets  
快速表情识别的认知及其脑神经机制 会议论文
摘要集-第二十一届全国心理学学术会议, 北京, 10.30-11.2
Authors:  赵科;  莫凡;  傅小兰
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快速表情  辨别力  抑郁  脑机制  
彝族尚黑文化背景下道德词汇的黑白隐喻表征 会议论文
, 曲阜, 2017.7.1
Authors:  赵亚军;  丁可;  吉木哈学;  蒋柯
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彝族  尚黑文化  道德词汇  黑白隐喻  
Fearful faces shorten the perceived blank duration 会议论文
, 曲阜, 2017.7.2
Authors:  Qian Cui;  Ke Zhao;  Yi Jiang;  Xiaolan Fu
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Emotional faces  Fear  Blank duration  Time perception  
行为猴视觉系统对大范围特征和局部特征的并行分化处理 会议论文
, 北京, 2016-07
Authors:  Jun Huang;  Yan Yang;  Ke Zhou;  Xudong Zhao;  Quan Zhou;  Hong Zhu;  Yifeng Zhou;  Wu Zhou
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global features  local features  differential processing  rhesus monkeys  oddball visual search task  saccade latency  
我等比他等的时间更长——来自行为和近红外成像的证据 会议论文
, 中国广东广州, 2012-11-30
Authors:  赵科;  颜文靖;  傅小兰
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等待时间  近红外成像  DLPFC