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EEG signal processing and feature extraction 演示报告
Authors:  Hu L(胡理)
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基于谱分析的脑部双光子图像动静脉分离 会议论文
, 曲阜, 2017.7.2
Authors:  李福全;  李明;  胡德文
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动静脉分离  双光子成像  多窗口谱估计  
掩蔽刺激与目标刺激的语义相似度对掩蔽效果的影响 会议论文
, 曲阜, 2017.7.1
Authors:  胡晶晶;  曹立人;  John Mollonb
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视觉掩蔽  语义相似性  瞬时记忆  部分报告法  
Sub-compartments within orientation columns of primary visual cortex: a proposal for a contour building architecture 会议论文
, 曲阜, 2017.2
Authors:  Ming Li;  Xue-Mei Song;  Tao Xu;  Anna Wang Roe;  Dewen Hu;  Chao-Yi Li
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primary visual cortex(V1)  orientation column  contour building  sub-compartments  
Self association facilitates attentional inhibition inhuman visual search 会议论文
, 曲阜, 2017.7.1
Authors:  Yangzhuo Li;  Haoyue Qian;  Tianyi Hu;  Xiangping Gao
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self-related process  visual search  attention  active inhibition  
Visual motion processing in macaque V2 会议论文
, 北京, 2016-07
Authors:  Jiaming Hu;  Heng Ma;  Shude Zhu;  Haoran Xu;  Yang Fang;  Peichao Li;  Ming Chen;  Chao Han;  Chen Fang;  Xingya Cai;  Kun Yan;  Haidong D. Lu
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Macaque  V2  motion  direction selectivity  RF surround  motion contrast