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The effect of E-service category on consumers' perceived risk 会议论文
, Beijing, China, 2010
Authors:  Deng XY;  Chen YW(陈毅文);  Gao JJ;  Sun X
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Using Computer-Based Survey to Gather Knowledge Sharing Relationship Data 会议论文
Computer Sciences and Convergence Information Technology, 2009. ICCIT '09. Fourth International Conference on, Seoul, 2009
Authors:  Zhou MingJie;  Zhang Zheng
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Computer-based Survey  Knowledge Sharing  Relationship Data  
Risk perception of individual suppliers in e-commerce transactions 会议论文
, Lanzhou, China, 2009
Authors:  Kong YP;  Chen YW(陈毅文);  Wu S(武帅);  Jiao X
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