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Social Cognitive Dysfunction in Elderly Patients After Anesthesia and Surgery 期刊论文
FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY, 2020, 卷号: 11, 页码: 9
Authors:  Zhang, Delin;  Ying, Jun;  Ma, Xiaochi;  Gao, Zaifeng;  Chen, Hanjian;  Zhu, Shengmei;  Shi, Liping;  Lu, Xiqian
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social cognition  biological motion  holistic processing  anesthesia and surgery  delayed neurocognitive recovery  
Retaining Bindings of Integral Features in Working Memory: The Role of Object-based Attention 会议论文
, 曲阜, 2017.7.1
Authors:  Xueyi Wan;  Ying Zhou;  Fan Wu;  Mowei Shen;  Zaifeng Gao
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feature binding  integral feature  object-based attention  working memory  
More Features in Bound Representations Does Not Require Extra Object-based Attention in Working Memory 会议论文
, 曲阜, 2017.7.1
Authors:  Ying Zhou;  Xueyi Wan;  Fan Wu;  Mowei Shen;  Zaifeng Gao
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binding  object-based attention  working memory  
The Influence of Working Memory Load of Binding on Selective Attention 会议论文
, 曲阜, 2017.7.1
Authors:  Nailang Yao;  Xiaoyue Pang;  Mowei Shen;  Zaifeng Gao
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binding  selective attention  working memory  
Selectively Maintaining Object Features within Visual Working Memory: An ERP Study 会议论文
, 曲阜, 2017.7.2
Authors:  Xiaowei Ding;  Kaifeng He;  Zaifeng Gao;  a, Mowei Shen
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Visual working memory  manipulation  retro-cue  highly-discriminable feature  fine-grained information