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The Dynamic Relationship between Satisfaction with Local Government, Family Income, and Life Satisfaction in China: A 6-year Perspective 会议论文
International Conference on Management Science and Engineering-Annual Conference Proceedings, Rome, ITALY, SEP 13-15, 2011
Authors:  Zheng, Y (Zheng Yu);  Wang, B (Wang Bo);  Li, S (Li Shu)
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Dynamic Relationship  Family Income  Life Satisfaction  Satisfaction With Local Government  Longitudinal Study  
The effect of government satisfaction on collective action intention—Panel data analysis(2007–2010) 会议论文
2011 IEEE 18th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Changchun, China, 3-5 Sept. 2011
Authors:  Na Zhao;  Jing Shi;  Er-Ping Wang
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Government Satisfaction  Panel Data Analysis  Moderation