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Functional fractionation of default mode network in first episode schizophrenia 期刊论文
SCHIZOPHRENIA RESEARCH, 2019, 卷号: 210, 页码: 115-121
Authors:  Fan, Fengmei;  Tan, Yunlong;  Wang, Zhiren;  Yang, Fude;  Fan, Hongzhen;  Xiang, Hong;  Guo, Hua;  Hong, L. Elliot;  Tan, Shuping;  Zuo, Xi-Nian
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Schizophrenia  Default network  Functional fractionation  Graph  Resting state  Functional MRI  
精神分裂症患者腹内侧前额叶静息态脑功能连接网络的研究 会议论文
, 中国广东广州, 2011-11-23
Authors:  范丰梅;  谭淑平;  杨甫德;  谭云龙;  赵艳丽;  李斌彬;  宋崇升;  王云辉;  金真;  周东丰;  左西年;  邹义壮
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